Aqua Rebell Short Scissors curved 16,8 cm

Aqua Rebell Short Scissors curved 16,8 cm

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Highly suitable for working in smaller tanks
  • Suitable for trimming stem plants
  • Curved blade for greater flexibility
  • Facilitates effortless work

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The Aqua Rebell Short Scissors - curved - 16.8 cm are especially suitable for cutting back stem plants. Its large blade and extreme manoeuvrability enable you to cut down large plant populations in a very short time. In aquascaping this is a great method of keeping aquatic plant groups bushy and compact.

These lightweight scissors do not tire out your hands even when you have been working for a long time, which makes them the perfect tool for aquaria with a lot of stem plants.

The handles are equipped with an anti-slip layer, which guarantees safe working conditions.

For us as manufacturers of the Aqua Rebell Tool series, the satisfaction of our customers always comes first. We want to offer the perfect tools at an unbeatable price. The attractive prices and our wide range of different tools are directed at a wider customer base so more people can enjoy high-quality tools and do not have to limit themselves to just one tool due to the elevated price. Our strict quality standards during production guarantee perfect working conditions with our tools. Thus, Aqua Rebell Tools are second to none of our competitors' tools. Only cutbacks when it comes to product packaging and direct marketing make such low prices possible. We are absolutely convinced that you as our customer will absolutely enjoy working with these excellent tools.


  • Materiał: stal nierdzewna
  • matowa powierzchnia


Aqua Rebell - Short Scissors - curved - 16,8 cm
Długość 16,8 cm
Długość ostrza 70 mm

Aqua Rebell

Aqua Rebell


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Laurence A.
7th December 2016
Aqua Rebell - Short Scissors - curved - 16,8 cm - Standard
Aqua Rebell - Short Scissors - curved - 16,8 cm - Standard

Very nice scissors, made in a very good quality stainless steel. Very handy tool in shorter spaces. Makes trimming much easier.

Sehr zu empfehlende "Hecken"schere!
18th October 2016
Aqua Rebell - Short Scissors - curved - 16,8 cm - Standard
Aqua Rebell - Short Scissors - curved - 16,8 cm - Standard

Ich kaufte mir die gebogene Aqua Rebell Short Scissors, da ich mein erstes Aquascape plante, um bei Bedarf die Pflanzen auch zurückschneiden zu können. (mehr lesen)