Practical Scaping

How do I create a beautiful tank, are there rules to be followed, and what about maintenance? We?d like to delve on these questions in the following. Nature with all her facettes is a great inspiration for a first layout. It is important not to focus on the most spectacular natural phenomenons but rather to pay attention to the beauty of detail. For example, a wonderful layout may be modelled on the image of a large tree root in the woods, surrounded by some small plants. Rock formations contrasting in shape and direction can form a wonderful basis for an aquascape and give the layout structure and a focal point.

Aquatic Plants

A beginning aquascaper could of course also have a look at layouts by other hobbyists to get an idea for his very own design. An aquarium layout develops during setup ? thus your own planted tank will be an individual work of art even though you modelled it on the work of another aquascaper. Aquascaping is a wide field which touches the classic forms of aquaristic tradition, but provides you with an area to let your creativity roam. Artistic liberties as well as an understanding of the technology aquaristics are based on both are the basis of this hobby, which can bring you lots of enjoyment and deep satisfaction and motivation.