Bruno Trimmel and Aquascaping

Bruno Trimmel

Bruno Trimmel is a whole-hearted discus fish and plant enthusiast. His especially large discus tank with a volume of 1,600 litres is one of our favourites here at Aqua Rebell. We'd like to have a closer look at Bruno and his tank.

The Aqua Rebell team was especially interested in how Bruno found the hobby of aquaristics.

"My name is Bruno Trimmel, this year (2011) I'll turn 40. When I got my first tank I was 10. Back then, I went to the pet shop by bike (without the permission of my parents), a distance of 10 kilometres, in order to buy a cardinal fish with my first pocket money. After a heated discussion with my parents I was finally allowed to get my first aquarium. We couldn't bring that fish to the animal shelter after all.

When I turned 15, I bought my first discus fish. The "old hands" were laughing at me because I was already keeping them in planted tanks back then. The concept of keeping the king of aquarium fish in a planted tank seemed to be beyond many discus keepers back then, and even to this day. When the first book of Takashi Amano was published in Japanese about 20 years ago I felt my approach was validated, though.

After a short break of around 3 years I found Flowgrow on the Internet, and this soon became my homebase. A short time afterwards I set up my homepage (, and now I am again fully involved in the hobby."

The Aqua Rebell team of course asked Bruno how he got to know about the fertilizers by Aqua Rebell.

After I had been through pretty much any fertilizer on the market my attention was called to Aqua Rebell in the Flowgrow community.

We were of course also interested in learning if Bruno keeps using Aqua Rebell fertilizers.

"Sure, because I get the best results by far using Aqua Rebell. These fertilizers are highly practical to use because NPK and Micro Special enable me to dose macronutrients independently of micronutrients.

In addition, I can vary between Mikro Basic and Mikro Spezial.

Mikro Basic is a more strongly stabilised fertilizer, whereas Micro Spezial is less strongly stabilised and thus more suitable for providing the plants with iron at once when the fertilizer is added daily."

Grassy Landscape - Diskus meets Aquascaping

Grassy Landscape

This breathtakingly large tank has the dimensions 200 x 110 x 73 cm and is strongly planted, with an attractive layout. The large driftwood branches add a certain lightness to the design, and the large and intensively green areas planted with Blyxa japonica give the layout a sense of natural harmony.

These tank-bred discus are Cuipeua F1 - the offspring of collected fish. They really seem to like this waterplant paradise. The aquatic plants provide for a great water quality, and in this discus tank, NPK has to be added to prevent the plants from stagnating. However, this does not lead to elevated nitrate and phosphate levels in the water.

Micro Spezial Flowgrow is added daily to provide the plants with iron and trace elements.