Aqua Rebell - the distinct line of waterplant fertilizers. The Aqua Rebell team flies the flag for planted tanks for a reason - we just love aquatic plants and aquascaping, and this love, in 2008, virtually compelled us to launch this line of fertilizers. Until then the macronutrients nitrate and phosphate in particular were frowned upon in the hobby and were thus not generally used. Only very few aquatic plant enthusiasts added these nutrients to their tanks. The majority of tankkeepers viewed them - although unsubstantiatedly - as a trigger for algae overgrowth. New scientific insights as well as practical experience prove that nitrate and phosphate are not the reason for algal growth, however, it is an imbalance of nutrients that fosters the growth of algae in an aquarium.

Aqua Rebell Makro Basic NPK

All aquatic plants require sufficient amounts of essential nutrients to thrive. Our tanks are equipped with more and more technical devices, more light and often also a CO2 supply. As a consequence, the excretions of the fish are often insufficient for fertilizing the waterplants. Nitrate and phosphate, shunned in earlier times, have become short in supply in many planted tanks. This is what gave us the idea for our name, "Aqua Rebell": We see macronutrients as a "rebellious" alternative to nitrate- and phosphate-free fertilizing systems.

Aqua Rebell Showtank

Aqua Rebell has closed the gaps created by these still wide-spread systems, and we continuously strive to increase the quality of our product lines. In doing so, we work hand in hand with grassroot hobbyists and take the wishes and requirements of planted-tank keepers and aquascapers into close consideration. Suggestions coming from our waterplant and aquascaping community have often been the cornerstone for new products that are thoroughly tested by many experienced aquatic plant enthusiasts before they enter the market. Our products are the result of our long-standing experience, field testing and innovative ideas. Our main focus is to enable aquatic plant enthusiasts to successfully pursue their hobby with the help of our products - so they can thoroughly enjoy their planted tanks.