Gift cards

In our shop you can buy gift vouchers to give away to a friend or to a relative. They can cash them in in their "My Aquasabi" and thus get credit with which they can pay for their next purchase in our shop.

Present someone

If you want to order a voucher, please feel free to choose between voucher values of 10 to 100 Euros in our voucher category. Each voucher can be personalised with the name of the sender and the recipient as well as with a personal message.

We send all vouchers as pdf document via email as soon as we have received full payment for them. You can either print it out or email it to the person you want to endow with it. Our vouchers have the format DIN A4, but can also be printed on smaller paper sizes. If you personalised it with the name of the sender, the recipient and/or a personal message these will also be printed on the voucher. If you prefer to fill in these things manually you can just leave the spaces empty, though.

Each of our vouchers is made out individually and has its own code. The recipient can enter this code in his or her "My Aquasabi" and thus get credit in the amount of the voucher. The buyer can see every voucher he or she has ever bought and can download all of them as pdf files at any time in his or her "My Aquasabi".

Redeem gift cards

If you have received a gift voucher you can cash it in in your "My Aquasabi" account or in your shopping cart. On your voucher you'll find a twelve-digit code, which you need to enter on our shop page if you want to cash it in. Your customer account will be credited with the amount on the voucher after you entered the code successfully. You can cash in all vouchers only once.

Use balance

By cashing in vouchers you can increase your credit with us and pay for your purchases in our web shop. In order to pay with your credit, place the articles you desire to buy in your shopping cart as usual and go to checkout. During the last step – where you can check and confirm your order once again – you'll see the question whether you'd like to use your credit for this purchase right at the top of the page. If you click "Yes", your credit will be balanced with the total of your purchase.

We'll always balance your purchase with the highest amount of your credit possible. If your credit is higher than the total of your order, your customer account will of course be credited with the rest, and you won't lose your money.