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Aqua Rebell - let it grow!

The Aqua Rebell brand was created in 2008 by Tobias Coring, the founder of Aquasabi. Since plant nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate were frowned upon in aquaristics for a long time because they were considered to promote algae, there were no corresponding fertilizers able to deliver satisfactory results. So he developed his own line of liquid fertilizers from Aqua Rebell to provide aquatic plants in an aquarium or aquascape with all the nutrients they need. This rebellious idea of using previously undesirable elements such as nitrate and phosphate to fertilize aquarium plants is reflected in the brand's name.
Aqua Rebell is constantly working on improvements and product innovations. The Aqua Rebell Mikro Spezial Flowgrow, for example, is a complete iron fertilizer with very easily available nutrients that can be directly absorbed by aquatic plants. Low potassium or even potassium-free nitrogen fertilizers such as the Makro Spezial N or Advanced GH Boost N meet the requirements of modern aquascapers and aquatic plant aquarists. A close cooperation and connection with passionate experts from the hobby via the aquatic plants and aquascaping community is the basis for innovations and new developments. Aqua Rebell is very keen to offer practical products in very good quality, whereby many years of practical experience and friendly networking with other aquarists form an important foundation.

In the meantime, the product portfolio has been expanded to include high-quality glassware for all things CO2 , aquascaping tools, as well as glass filter inlets and outlets.