Aquascaping is a relatively new word coined by nature aquaristics, describing the process of decorating an aquarium. Aquascaping is viewed as an art form, a form of self-expression.


Means well-known from traditional aquariums are used to create an attractive layout - all the means that we know from traditional aquaristics - in order to create a certain mood, scenery and to bring ones? ideas into reality.

An aquarium is a dynamic system that provides an environment for plants and animals. For an aquascape to develop as imagined by its keeper one need lots of knowledge and experience regarding the different growth forms of plants and the requirements and behaviour of the animals. However, getting started in the hobby of aquascaping does not necessarily have to be complicated, and the beginning aquascaper can quite easily set up their own layout if they follow some simple rules. This introduction will give you an overview of the basics of aquascaping and lead you through the first steps of setting up an attractive planted tank.