Fertilizing Aquatic Plants

An aquarium can have an incredible impact to the atmosphere of a living room. The way it has to be maintained depends on whether it is a tank with many fish or an aquarium whose keeper's main focus is on plants.


Many newbies do not consider the requirements of their waterplants much at first and only come to examine this aspect when something is not quite right in their aquarium, be it too many algae or that certain plants do less than well. However, even if your main focus is on the plants in your tank you might feel a little overtaxed with the vast amount of information regarding this area.


There are many hints and tipps in the numerous books and on the Internet, however, often one does not achieve enlightenment but pure desperation - many contradicting theses or fundamentally different approaches are potentially confusing, so that the person seeking advice won?t really know which method to follow.

This introduction to nutrient supply in a tank is to give a relatively complete overview, starting with the necessary nutrients and explaining their function in the plants? metabolism, then going on to possible problems in a planted tank and finally presenting practical fertilizer systems.

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