Aqua Rebell and Aquascaping

Aqua Rebell and aquascaping are closely interconnected. The passion for aquascaping and planted tanks was the basic reason for bringing Aqua Rebell into existence. For this branch of aquaristics, Aqua Rebell has developed a wide range of products that cover practically every fertilizer requirement an aquascaper could have.

Beautiful tanks with lush plant growth are easily realised with our products. In the following, the Aqua Rebell team portrays some of the aquascapers who use our products to great success. Their creativity ? in combination with our high-quality waterplant fertilizers ? has led them to exceptional results, not only regarding their luxurious plants, but also in all kinds of aquascaping contests.

The aquascapers we portray here are just the top of the iceberg, though. There are many Aqua Rebell customers who use our fertilizers to their full satisfaction, and whose plants also grow exceptionally well. Our community gives you a detailed view of how well the products of Aqua Rebell do in practical use.