Aqua Rebell Glass Jet Pipe

Aqua Rebell Glass Jet Pipe

  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Provides for a constant water movement
  • Visually very appealing
  • No suction cups needed

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Aqua Rebell's Glass Jet Pipes are made with the highest quality laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and are all artistically hand-blown unique pieces. Outstanding quality does not need to be expensive. Aqua Rebell Glass Jet Pipes combine best quality with a very good price.

Glass Jet Pipes are designed to transport the water from the external canister filter to the aquarium. Due to the fact that a Glass Jet Pipe combined with water is nearly invisible the aquascape will shine in its full beautifulness without focusing on the technical equipment of the aquascape.

The punctual and little bit stronger water flow of the Glass Jet Pipe is ideal for the growth of aquatic plants. The flow of the Glass Jet Pipe will additionally improve the gas and nutrient exchange in the aquascape.

The Aqua Rebell Glass Jet Pipes are available in two different sizes. The Glass Jet Pipes are mainly produced for nano and smaller aquariums where the punctual water flow will benefit with the weaker external canister filters of small tanks.

The Glass Jet Pipes will not use any suction cups.


  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Assembly without any suction cups
  • For small and nano aquascapes
  • Hose connection 9/12 (10 mm) or 12/16 mm (13 mm)


Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO1 - 10 mm
Height total 150 mm
Height outer pipe approx. 140 mm
Width 65 mm
Distance between pipes 15 mm
Immersion depth approx. 55 mm
Hose connection 9/12 or 10 mm
Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO2 - 13 mm
Height total 150 mm
Height outer pipe approx. 140 mm
Width 70 mm
Distance between pipes 15 mm
Immersion depth approx. 45 mm
Hose connection 12/16 or 13 mm


If algae starts to grow on the glassware, it is time to clean it. Cleaning is not difficult, but should be carried out carefully. The glassware will then shine like new again.

  • You need a standard household chlorine cleaner (hygiene cleaner) without fragrances. When working with chlorine bleach, always observe the manufacturer's precautionary measures.
  • Pour some of the chlorine cleaner into a container and mix with 50% water. There should be enough of the solution so that the glassware can be completely immersed in it
  • Leave the glassware to soak in the solution for 1 - 4 hours (depending on how dirty it is)
  • Remove the glassware and rinse thoroughly
  • All dirt should now be removed and the glassware should shine in new splendour again

In line with this topic, there are detailed instructions for cleaning glassware, including pictures, in our Aquascaping Wiki Cleaning glassware.

Aqua Rebell

Aqua Rebell

Aqua Rebell is our own aquatic plant fertiliser label. A great number of planted tank enthusiasts in general and aquascapers in particular use our products to supply their aquarium plants with nutrients.

When developing fertilisers and other aquascaping-related products, we work hand in hand with a base of aquarium enthusiasts and aquascapers, and we try to realise as many of their desires and ideas as possible. Quite often, ideas and wishes uttered in our aquatic plant lovers' and aquascapers' community are the basis, on which we develop new products. These are then thoroughly tested by experienced aquarium keepers and aquascapers. Behind our product range, there are a lot of innovative ideas and long-term experience, and they are tested in real life. For us it is important that aquarium keepers and aquascapers are successful with our products and that they are thus enabled to make the utmost of their tanks and aquascapes.

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Manuel S.
6th April 2018
Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO1 - 10 mm
Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO1 - 10 mm

Passt perfekt.. preislich gut .. Macht was er soll.

Als erste eigene Pipe für mich überhaupt war ich überrascht wie einfach die Montage war. Glas is klar ohne Mängel

Sebastian V.
Hält was es verspricht
23rd October 2015
Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO2 - 13 mm
Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO2 - 13 mm

Hallo zusammen, Die Aqua Rebel Glass Jet Pipe ist top verarbeitet. Macht einen soliden Eindruck, auch wenn der Schlauch etwas schwerer drauf geht, bricht nix. (read more)

Detlef H.
1st May 2019
Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO2 - 13 mm
Aqua Rebell - Glass Jet Pipe JO2 - 13 mm

Die Jet Pipe macht ihrem Namen alle Ehre: Die Auslaufgeschwindigkeit ist sehr viel höher als mit eine Lily Pipe, d.h. (read more)

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